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Product Description

The McCauley Collapsible Rescue Basket combines the compact storage capabilities of rescue nets with the ruggedness, rigidity, and safety of solid frame rescue baskets. The collapsible design reduces storage volume by 55% when compared to our Compact Rescue Basket (#499). This design is ideal for smaller helicopters where cabin space is at a premium.

This rescue basket is large enough to accommodate two average adults. The ability to lift two victims in a single hoist evolution will speed the recovery and reduce the time at scene for multi-victim rescues.

The Rescue Basket is quickly assembled with ease by simply lifting the bails and top rail up, then rotating the side supports down, securing them in place with simple spring-locks. For easy stowage the bail assemblies roll down into the basket and each side support folds inward.

A new tubular hinge design greatly reduces maintenance. Frame members are constructed of tubular stainless steel with flexible net sides of 1/2" nylon webbing. All components are non-corrosive and require minimal maintenance for extended service life. A semi-rigid plastic mesh liner with 1" openings encloses the bottom. Inherent flotation provides positive self-righting and reserve buoyancy. Float covers are printed with safety pictorials and have high intensity retroreflective markings. A heavy-duty stowage case constructed of 1050 denier ballistics nylon and tie-strap are included with the basket.

This basket is standard equipment aboard all U.S. Navy H-60’s and many other rescue agencies worldwide. The Department of the United States Army has approved the Lifesaving Systems Rescue Basket per the Airworthiness Release (AWR) for Rescue Hoist Equipment on UH/HH-60 Helicopters (AWR 980).