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Bail Retainer

The Bail Retainer is intended to temporarily support the bails of the Rescue Basket in the up position prior to attachment of the hoist hook and after removal of the hoist hook. To engage, insert the retainer pin located on the free end of the retainer cable into the small hole on the opposite bail. Allow the toggle to drop down, thereby securing the pin. Always attach the hoist hook through the bail eyes prior to moving or hoisting the rescue basket. To disengage the bail retainer, press-in on the retainer pin compressing the coil spring. Lift or rotate the toggle so that it is parallel to the pin and then pull the pin out. Carefully stow the bail assemblies.


• Do not move or lift the rescue basket with only the bail retainer supporting the bail assembly.
• Do not lift the basket by the bail retainer.
• Secure the helicopter hoist hook through both lifting eyes of the bail assembly before moving or hoisting the rescue basket.