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Post-Use/30 Day Inspection

Every 30 days, and after each use, carefully inspect the following:

  1. All four hinge points, bail assemblies and lifting eyes for damage, deformation, cracks, and severe corrosion.
  2. Frame assembly and bails for broken welds, bends (deformation), corrosion and abrasion.
  3. Check float covers, floats, and plastic net liner for cuts, tears, abrasion and any other visible damage. Repair or replace as required.
  4. Examine the bail retainer components. Check the retainer pin and cable for damage and corrosion. Check for loose attachment hardware. Remove basket from service if inspection identifies any damage or abnormal conditions indicated above. Some basket items may be repaired or replaced if authorized.
  5. After immersion in salt water, rinse basket with fresh water to remove any salt deposits or contaminants. Allow basket to dry prior to stowage in case. Storing the basket in direct sunlight will eventually cause UV damage to webbing and float covers.


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