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Using the Tri-SAR SURFACE SWIMMERS Harness

  • Position the Tri-Sar with the front up. Open the chest buckle, remove V-Ring from keeper, re-close the keeper, fully extend waist, leg, and shoulder straps. Hold the vest open behind you with both hands. Step through the waist strap and through the proper leg strap with one foot then the other. Pull the vest and harness into position. Put your arms through the shoulder straps. Adjust the shoulder and waist straps. Open the V-Ring keeper and secure the V-Ring. Adjust the leg straps. It is normally more comfortable to leave the leg straps slightly loose.
  • To inflate the vest, pull down rapidly on the beaded inflation lanyard. This action punctures the CO2 cylinder. The released gas immediately inflates the bladder. The cylinder will require replacement after inflation.
  • Should a bladder not fully inflate, remove the oral tube from the cover and blow air into the bladder manually.


Some rescue hooks may allow for ring roll-out in certain situations and equipment configurations. Users of this device must consider the rescue hooks and other equipment when using this device.

Warning Regarding Ring Roll-out