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To repair the MEDEVAC litter, proceed as follows:

Materials Required
Quantity Description Reference Number
As Required Thread, Nylon, Type II, Class A, Size E (Green or Neutral) V-T-295 NIIN 00-616-0079
As Required Cloth, Duck, Orange, Type I (or equivalent) MIL-C-7219 NIIN 00-445-7825
As Required Lubricating Oil VV-L-800 NIIN 00-458-0075
As Required Cloth, Cleaning MIL-C-85043 NIIN 00-044-9281
  1. Litter mounted cables and Vertical hoisting sling:
    1. No repairs are authorized to the Vertical hoisting sling. Replace as necessary.
    2. Litter-mounted cables shall be replaced by the manufacture.


If the litter-mounted hoisting cables are damaged, either the frame must be replaced or the litter-mounted cables may be replaced by the manufacture. Shipping and manufacture repair costs shall be the responsibility of the command.

Lifesaving Systems Corporation, 220 Elsberry Rd, Apollo Beach, FL
Phone: 33572-228 Fax: 813-645-2748

  1. Frame Assembly:
    1. If any cracks, bends, signs of severe or internal corrosion are evident on frame assembly or weld areas, replace frame assembly.
    2. Remove surface corrosion in accordance with NAVAIR 01-1A-509.
    3. Repairs are confined to the replacement of common nuts and bolts.
    4. Lubricate couplings in accordance with Cleaning instructions, step 6.
  2. Nylon Frame Cover, chest and bottom flotation assemblies and restraint straps:
    1. Tears or fraying of components more than two inches requires replacement. Tears or fraying less than two inches can be patched. No more than three patches allowed on any one component.
    2. No more than three stitching repairs allowed on either the frame cover or chest and bottom flotation assemblies.
    3. Repairs to patient restraint straps are limited to two stitching repairs per strap. No more than two broken stitches are allowed per repair.

    Replacement of patient restraint straps requires a complete cover replacement. Refer to Cover Replacement instructions for replacement procedures for frame cover.

  3. Carrying Case and adjustable harness:
    1. Repair tears, fraying, broken stitches on carrying case. Unlimited repairs are authorized on carrying case. Replace case when no longer practical to repair.
    2. No more than four stitching repairs allowed on harness assembly.