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Table 1

Table 1. SAR Equipment Inspection and Procurement

Item P/N NSN Inspection Cycles Notes
PIS 90 Day 180 Day 365 Day Load Test Cond Insp O/I/D Level Maint

Helicopter Rescue Equipment Bag, BGU-8/N

1682AS100-1 1680-01-243-4523 X   X       O  

Helicopter Rescue Equipment Bag, Small

261 4240-01-518-0932 X   X       O LSC (H-60 use only)


Cable Grip

MS90382-1 1680-00-511-2711 X   X       O  

MPLR Weak Link

Local P/N Local P/N X   X       O The number of required weak links shall correspond to the number of liferafts installed in the aircraft.

Hoist Quick Splice w/Rescue Hook

Local mfg   X   X   X X O  

Hoisting Sling Assembly

190 1670-01-226-5300 X   X     X O  

Cable Cutter

1490MTN 5110-00-224-7053 X   X       O Approved Alternate for Pneumatic Hand Tool

Pneumatic Hand Tool

64A83H1-1 4240-00-177-9260 X   X       O/I  

Hoisting Gloves



X   X       O  
- Size 1   8415-00-268-7871                
- Size 2   8415-00-268-7872                
- Size 3   8415-00-268-7869                
- Size 4   8415-00-268-7870                
- Size 5   8415-00-268-7868                


MIL-B-844 7210-00-082-5668 X   X       O  

Chemical Light Strap

230 4220-01-325-3133 X   X       O  

Aircrewmembers Safety Belt

MS16070-21 1680-01-133-9975 X   X       O For Equipment Bag application only

Chemical Lights



X   X       O  
- 4-inch green AA55434 6260-00-106-7478                
- 6-inch yellow High Intensity AA55132 6260-01-074-4230                
- 6-inch IR 908019 6260-01-195-9752                


HGU-25(V)2/P   X   X       O Refer to NAVAIR 13-1-6.7-3


3335AS101-1 4220-01-440-1573 X   X       O/I Refer to NAVAIR 13-1-6.1-2


68A94D2-1   X   X       O/I No longer available. Use until no longer serviceable


Rescue Strop

216-1 1680-01-347-4946 X   X     X O  

Quick Strop

214 Open Purchase X   X       O LSC

Cable Weight Cover

60A138H4 1680-00-511-2714 X   X       O  

Trail Line Assembly


4010-01-312-4854 X   X       O


- Trail Line Pack 221 1680-01-226-5135                
- Trail Line Gloves or MIL-G-2366 Multiple NSN’s                
- Line Handling Gloves 225 Open Purchase               LSC
- Shot Bag 224 1680-01-236-4663 or Open Purchase               LSC
- Rope 220-2 Open Purchase               LSC
- V-strap 220-3 Open Purchase               LSC

70-Foot Trail Line Assembly

220-S Special Order X   X       O LSC and for training only.











- Stowage Container 402-1 Open Purchase               LSC
- Frame Cover w/Restraint Straps 402-2 Open Purchase                
- Flotation Pad, Front 402-3 Open Purchase                
- Flotation Pad, Back 402-4 Open Purchase                
- Carrying Harness 402-8 Open Purchase                
- Vertical Hoisting Sling 402-7 Open Purchase X   X     X O  

Stokes Litter

9-1047 6530-01-315-4784 X   X       O  

Flotation Kit Assembly



X   X       O


- Log Foam 130 Open Purchase               LSC
- Log Covers 110 Open Purchase                
- Retainer Straps 150 Open Purchase                
- Restraint Straps 140 Open Purchase                
- Chest Pad Foam 103-3 Open Purchase                
- Chest Pad Cover 103-4 Open Purchase                
- Ballast Bar 170 Open Purchase                

Rescue Net

X-872-SF 1670-01-172-3592 X   X       O  

Collapsible Rescue Basket

495 TBD X   X       O LSC

Forest Penetrator

K26-1000-9 4240-00-199-7353 X   X       O  

Rescue Seat

420 4240-01-465-2302 X   X     X O  

Electric Sea Marker Light,(SDU-36/N)




X   X       O Inspection cycle of the electric sea marker light (SDU-36/N) may be increased at discretion of squadron commander. The SDU--36N is no longer being manufactured. The automatic crew--overboard marker light is the replacement as authorized by SARMM. SDU-36N’s shall remain in service until no longer serviceable.
- 6 Volt Battery BA803/U 6135-00-100-0413                

Automatic Crew--Overboard Marker Light



X   X       O The automatic crew--overboard marker light is the replacement for the SDU-36N. The battery shall be replaced annually.
- 6 Volt Battery BA803/U 6135-00-100-0413                


Descent Control Device

14G-0 Open Purchase X   X       O Descent Control Inc

Rappel Ropes w/bags

    X   X     X O  
- 150 ft Rope L-4-150 Open Purchase               Descent Control Inc
- Bag 15C1 Open Purchase                
- 250 ft Rope L-4-250 Open Purchase                
- Bag 15C2 Open Purchase                

Basic Rappel Harness

    X   X       O  
- Small (26-30 inches) 202512 1680-01-453-9830                
- Medium (30-34 inches) 202513 1680-01-453-9806                
- Large (34-38 inches) 202514 1680-01-453-9820                
- X-large (38-42 inches) 202515 1680-01-453-9834                
- XX-large(42-46 inches) 202516 1680-01-453-9839                

Pro Series Rescue Harness

    X   X         CMC Rescue. The Pro Series Rescue Harness is the replacement for the Basic Rappel Harness. The Basic Rappel Harness is still authorized for use until no longer serviceable.
- Small (26-30 inches) 202172 Open Purchase             O  
- Regular (30-44 inches) 202174 NSN’s will be assigned. Until NSN’s are assigned, harnesses may be opened purchased.                
- X-Large (42-46 inches) 202175                  


    X   X       O  
- Locking (Type II) A-A-50041 8465-01-322-7432                
- Non-locking (Type III) A-A-50041 8465-01-322-7433                

Spring Loaded Belay Plate

434507 Open Purchase X   X       O Liberty Mountain Sports

540 Belay Device

TBD TBD               TBD

Dynamic Rope (Kernmantle) 11mm

440230 Open Purchase X   X     X O Liberty Mountain Sports

Static Rope

TBD TBD               TBD

Tubular Nylon Strap

MIL-W-5625 8305-00-753-6529 X   X       O Cut to desired lengths

Hoisting Vest

TBD Open Purchase X   X       O TBD

Climber Belt

A-A-1977 4240-00-926-4154 X   X       O  

Climber Strap

A-A-1776 4240-00-725-9715 X   X       O  

Climber Spikes

A-A-1109 4240-00273-9668 X   X       O  

Climbers Helmet

471157 Open Purchase X   X       O REI
- Headlamp 2030 Open Purchase X X         O Northwest River Supply
  TBD Open Purchase                

V-Bladed Rescue Knife

RN2 5110-00-524-6924 X   X       O  
- Replacement Blade RKB-G 5110-00-098-4326                

Rescue 8

312871 Open Purchase X   X       O CMC Rescue

Gloves, Rappelling

  Open Purchase X   X       O Open purchase gloves must be full fingered.

Sven Folding Saw

370830 Open Purchase X   X       O Liberty Mountain Sports
- Blades 370831 Open Purchase X   X          

Rescue Pulleys

    X   X       O CMC Rescue
- 2-inch Single 3155000 Open Purchase                
- 2-inch Double 31550 Open Purchase                

Entrenching Tool

A-A-59337 5120-00-878-5932 X   X       O  


Level A Medical Kit

MODEL251 6545-01-157-9112 X   X       O Medical items must be ordered separately, refer to NTTP 3-50.1 for list of required items.

Level B Medical Kit

CN95-0286 6545-01-416-9510 X   X       O Medical items must be ordered separately, refer to NTTP 3-50.1 for list of required items.

Level C Medical Kit

LBT-1652B 6530-01-452-3226 X   X       O The Level C Medical Kit for use by the HCS-4 and HCS-5 community only. Medical items must be ordered separately, refer to NTTP 3-50.1 for list of required items.



- Divers Suit (Shorty)

    X X         O  
- Men’s: MNP461-GL-S 4220-01-441-2321                
  -M -2327                
  -ML -2379                
  -L -2385                
  -XL -2471                
  -XXL -2475                
- Women’s: FMNP461-GL-S 4220-01-441-2490                
  -M -2502                
  -ML -2864                
  -L -2867                
  -XL -2870                
  -XXL -2874