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Product Specifications

Constructed of 304 stainless steel with 316 stainless hardware, the LSC Rescue Seat is virtually maintenance free. Each fold-down seat is equipped with a safety strap, printed instructions, and pictorials located on opposite sides of the float collar. The Rescue Seat has been tested and approved by both the US Navy and the US Air Force.

420 Rescue Seat

Product Specifications

Snap Hook: Wichard Stainless Steel

Seat & Main Frame: Type 304 stainless steel

Seat: ABS injection molded black plastic

Breaking Limit

Snap hook: 3750 LBS

Safety Strap: 6000 LBS

Dimensions: 6” W x 9” D x 32” H Cleaning: Fresh water rinse
Weight: 18 LBS Inspection: Visual, Prior to each use
Service Life:

Frame – based on usage and condition

Flotation & Safety Strap – Replace after 10 years or prior if necessary