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Using the SIRUS Strobe Light

  1. Secure free end of lanyard cord to PFD or equipment pocket.
  2. Install two (2) new, dated "AA" alkaline or lithium batteries per the pictorials on the strobe light (batteries not included).
    • Replace alkaline batteries annually or after use.
    • Replace lithium batteries five (5) years prior to battery expiry date or after use.
    • Lithium batteries recommended for cold environments.
  3. Ensure switch is in the "OFF" position and stow strobe light with lanyard in PFD/equipment pocket until use.
  4. The lashing tabs and cord may be used to affix the strobe semi-permanently to life vest mounting tab, grommets, etc.
  5. The strobe light may be activated manually by sliding the switch up into the "ON" position.
  6. After activation, affix the strobe light with the hook tape patch to the mating pile (loop) tape patch on PFD, tactical vest, helmet, etc. Place in optimal position for maximum visibility.