When All Else Fails: Broken Cables, Lost Hooks, and Options

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Though the mission had started out easy enough, three hours later it was the single worst moment of my life and by far my worst day in a helicopter. We were 240 miles offshore. It was pitch black, freezing cold, my best friend, Mike, was in the water and the hoist cable was - strand-by-strand [...]

Carabiner Safety: The Gate Matters

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Sometimes small things matter.  In helicopter rescue work, small things always matter. LSC's Product Development Manager, Mario Vittone, explains why that thin wire gate on the equipment hook of your Tri-Sar can make the difference between success and failure.  But what is true of the Whichard Carabiner on a Tri-Sar is true of all carabiners; [...]

New TRI-SAR SURFACE Available for USN Surface Swimmers

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The TRI-SAR SURFACE is LSC's rescue harness designed for surface rescue swimmers with dual recovery capability. The TRI-SAR line of harnesses was the first harness designed to combine the security of a full body harness, comfort of a seat harness and safety of integrated flotation. The surface swimmer model includes a swimmer’s attachment point [...]

Stowing the Crotch Strap on a Quick Strop

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Sounds easy; is easy; but to stow the strap correctly you have to understand the goals: Security and accessibility.  In this video Mario Vittone discusses how to stow the crotch strap on a quick strop. [vimeo id="150917042" width="600" height="350" autoplay="no" api_params="" class=""][/vimeo]     Our gear is the best - so are our [...]