SST – Safety & Security Training

SST, Safety & Security Training, with over 10 years of proven performance, experience, and recognized industry certifications, provides the most effective and capable helicopter Search and Rescue (LIMSAR – AWSAR), Medevac Services (HEMS) and Special Operations training for tactical support missions for different government branches of the armed and security forces around the world. Our team of instructors is made entirely of former military special operators, career police and law enforcement former agents and emergency personnel. All with vast knowledge and with proven teaching techniques, ratings and certifications up to date and extensive experience in the sector under the same methodology.

SST provides specifically suited training courses and complete program implementation with local and international standards like EASA, CASA y FAA compliant Part 133 Class D Human External Cargo (HEC) y Commercial Part 135 Operators, standards for SAR according to PSAAC (Airborne Search and Rescue Standards), JAR OPS 3 HHO, Aplicable aviation norms for HRST with helicopters for Firefighting, Search and Rescue, Industrial services, Operators, Police Agencies and Military Units.

Or Training:


  • “Turn-key” SAR Teams LIMSAR-AWSAR Operations (On&Offshore)
  • Rescue Swimmers / Helo Land Rescuer
  • Rescue Hoist Operator LIMSAR-AWSAR Operations (On&Offshore)
  • Basic & Advance Helicopter Rescue
  • Short Haul Rescue
  • HEMS / SAR Medevac
  • Forest fire fighting teams
  • HRST. Police and military tactical teams. (Fast rope, Rappel, Spi/frie)


  • CRM. Crew Managen Resourses
  • HUET + EBS + Aviation Survival Training (aircrew, pilots, rescuers, passengers)
  • BAS (Basic Aircrew Safety)
  • Safety for Rescuers & Hoist Operators
  • NVG (night vision)
  • Crew prevention of occupational risks
  • Fire Fighting in helipads and aircraft
  • Maintenance of technical rescue equipment. Factory authorized inspection provider.

Our training courses have been developed and used in real-world situations by more than 10,000 students from around the world successfully.

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