Priority 1 Air Rescue

Priority 1 Air Rescue, commonly referred to as the “One Stop SAR Shop” is solely focused on Helicopter Search and Rescue and Tactical Operations and Training. With over 16 years of experience, Priority 1 Air Rescue is the industry leader for SAR and Tactical services and has provided training to well over 4,500 Civilian and Military Pilots and Aircrews worldwide. Training courses and programs are customized and targeted for operators engaged in helicopter Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement, EMS, Offshore, Military/DoD, and Fire/ Rescue services.

In addition to field training at the customers location, Priority 1 offers customers the option of attending training course at their two full service Search and Rescue – Tactical Training Academies (SART/TAC) located in Mesa, Arizona and Nîmes, located in the south of France. The SART/TAC Training Academies employ Virtual Hoist SAR/Aerial Gunnery (M134/240) Helicopter Synthetic Training Devices, Hoist Procedural Training Towers, Aviation Life Support Equipment Training (ALSE) shop, Fast-Rope and Rappel Towers, Advanced Life Support Synthetic Medical Training Mannequins, Maintenance Training Hoists, Multi-media Classrooms, and swimming pools for HUET and Helicopter Rescue Swimmer Training Programs.

Let Priority 1 Air Rescue and LSC be your partners for SAR/Tactical mission success.

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**All photos shown are of actual P1AR Training or Operations Missions.**