The lifesaving Systems Corp 402, 404, and 406 titanium and stainless steel rescue litters have been used on more rescues than any other rescue litter in production. Able to lift 3,000 pounds, an LSC rescue litter is a tough and functional proven piece of gear that operators around the world rely on every day.  With an in-service life of 20 years and an available inspection service to continue out to 30, an LSC rescue litter is a cost-effective solution.

Our 404 and 406 models are available with or without flotation kits. They are made in the USA our litters are in use with all five branches of the U.S. Military. All of our litter models are used worldwide by military and commercial operators in extreme environments. Contact LSC to learn more about our industry-standard, battle-proven litters today.  Litter accessories include shoulder restraint straps, tie-downs, rail pads and skid shoes to prevent wear.

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