470-CG Auto-Inflator f/481-CG and 485-CG


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LSC has updated the 470-CG Inflator to reduce the maintenance load on the USCG and other customers who use LSC Auto-Inflating Devices – specifically the LSC #485-CG and #481-CG life vests.

This change will save significant man-hours and reduce the total cost of ownership our vests while maintaining the fit, form and function of the devices.

Replacement Halkey Roberts Auto-Inflator for 481-CG and 485-CG.  Comes with inflator, lanyard with beads, gaskets and super bobbin.


As is well-known to any USCG Survival PO – the auto-inflating LSC life vests  used a pill that dissolved to actuate the device. The manufacturer of the inflation assembly would not commit to a date for replacement intervals of the pill so the USCG was forced to make the replacement interval of the pill a monthly requirement.

Recently, Halkey-Roberts updated their Auto-Inflator (V95000-1F) that uses a “Super-Bobbin” that they recommend be replaced at the five-year mark from the Date of Manufacturer.  For commercial use, they recommend every three years.  The Super-Bobbin has the date of manufacturer printed on the Bobbin case for traceability and maintenance confidence.

LSC’s move to the V9500 will help USCG units reduce maintenance, increase reliability, and lower the overall cost of ownership of automatic inflating life vests.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to retrofit your existing LSC life vests with the 470-CG

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