490 TRITON II QLR – Full System


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The Quad-LOK Release (QLR) is the first purpose-built device intended for helicopter hoisting operations that is designed to release under loads over 200 kilograms – and is complete ambidextrous in operation. The device is integrated on the riser hoist strap, which is easily accessible to the user, and allows for quick egress from the harness in the event of an emergency. The TRITON II QLR System is only available in MOLLE and a range of pockets are available for installation on the harness and the life vest.

The QLR is approved only as integrated into the TRITON II Harness and will not be made available as a stand-alone device or for integration into existing harnesses. Fortunately, the entire TRITON II QLR System is priced in such a way as to reduce cost of ownership over other harness quick release systems. There are no annual maintenance costs and the recommended five-year rebuild and factory inspection of the Quad-LOK Release is done at no charge to the customer.

The TRITON II QLR System is made up of three components:

• The TRITON II MOLLE Flotation Vest (Approved under TSO-C13G)

• The TRITON II Harness

• The Quad-Lok Release Tether (together approved under TSO C-167)

The harness is constructed of Mil-Spec webbing and low profile, quick adjusting, stainless steel hardware. When hoisted the upright, slightly reclined, and seated position allows total use of operator hands. Ideal for rapid deployment in swift/cold water or cliff type rescues. Wide leg and waist straps optimally distribute weight for superior comfort and support. All components and materials are corrosion resistant for the marine environment.