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497-PAX TRITON Aviation Passenger Vest

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LSC’s newest FAA approved life vest, The TRITON PAX uses the same flotation bladder worn by U.S. Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue Swimmers.  It is doubtful that any inflatable bladder design has seen as much in-water action as the LSC TRITON. This life vest is professional-grade and made for years of rugged wear and substantial abuse. 

The flotation vest provides 35 lbs of buoyancy via manually inflated C02. The folding pattern and snap closure create a comfortable low-profile fitting around the neck. Three utility pockets on the front of the vest allow for storage of auxiliary survival equipment. The vest comes equipped with our water-activated 641 LRS as its survivor locator light which, like the vest, far exceeds requirements allowing for long-range signalling to searching aircraft or vessels. An oral inflation valve allows the wearer to adjust buoyancy, as needed.

The attachment harness is constructed of Type VIII Mil-Spec webbing and LSC’s low-profile, quick-adjusting, stainless steel hardware – corrosion resistant for the marine environment.  Like all TRITON Vests, the 497-PAX is field packable after a fresh-water rinse and dry.  You can train with the device in the water, rinse it off, deflate it, replace the cylinder and it is ready for service again.

(Available in MOLLE as the 497-PAX-M)

Learn about the Long-Range Strobe that is standard on our 497-PAX. This is serious survival gear used by professionals in hazardous offshore environments.  And since the ocean doesn’t care, perhaps you should have the best gear too.

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