Aerial Delivery Container (Drop Can)

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Designed for aerial delivery of small items to land or sea. The open head steel drum is sealed with ring that can be opened with the use of tools, and is supplied with a nylon webbing sling and welded fittings for parachute attachment. Drum features a high visibility orange powder coat finish with reflective markings.

This item is for sale to USCG Aviation Units and the ALC Only and will be produced in lots of no less than 50 units.  LSC will take orders until February 15th, 2018 and start production.  For questions, please contact Mario Vittone at or call 813-645-2748


Note:  The closure ring pictured is no longer available and new cans will have a manual closure ring that differs from previous ADS cans used by the USCG.  Otherwise, the fit, form, and function of the ADS Can is the same as previous versions.


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