641-LRS AQUA-SIRIUS LRS – Long Range Strobe Light (Water Activated)


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Typical SOLAS and USCG Approved strobe lights are effective
signaling devices but have a visible range of only a few miles.
The AQUA-SIRIUS LRS (Long Range Strobe Light)  combines the same characteristics of our AQUA-SIRIUS Strobe (water activation and manual modes) with the long range signaling power of a focused beam strobe to reach out over great distances to searching aircraft and surface vessels.

The AQUA-SIRIUS LRS (Long Range Strobe) allows users to aim a focused strobe beam and reach out to targeted search assets, far out on the horizon and dramatically increase the probability of detection over greater distances than a standard strobe light.


  • Bright White Signal 60 Flashes a Minute for Over 18 Hours
  • Can be set for water activation
  • Flash with Reduced Brightness for 5 Days +
  • 7-Degree Spot Reflector for Long Range Signaling
  • Quarter-Turn Tail Cap Permits Easy and Rapid Battery Change
  • 10-Minute (LRS) Auto Revert Back to Signal Strobe
  • Tether Cord to Secure Light in Equipment Pocket
  • High Visibility Orange Case
  • U.S. Coast Guard Approval: 161.112/109/0

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