485 Life Preserver Survival Vest, Auto (LPSV)


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Intended for boat crews & boarding team members, the LPSV is ideal for SAR response and law enforcement. Provides superior performance and comfort compared to inherently buoyant PFDs. Features the reliable Secumatic Auto Inflator with manual pull-lanyard CO2 inflation and automatic backup inflation when submerged in water. Beaded lanyard is easily identified by touch in an emergency. Manual only version available. Flotation cell can be inflated orally and is fully encased within a heavyweight, puncture and abrasion resistant nylon cover for simple repack and maintenance. Vest provides a positive righting moment with approximately 35 lbs of buoyancy. Two attached pockets for stowage of survival equipment. Pockets are positioned to provide optimal weight distribution, reduced interference, and to allow use of a law enforcement belt. Approved for US Coast Guard use.  Meets LPSV requirements.
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