819-B Mustang Survival Tactical Inflatable Side Pouch PFD

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The low profile tactical side pouch provides flotation capability with minimum bulk or interference using separate, independently operated left and right side pouches. With the option to wear on a standard or padded LE belt or attach directly to Pouch Attachment Ladder System (PALS) webbing on Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) vests, it is a versatile solution for users who require emergency flotation with minimal bulk or interference with gear.

The Tactical Inflatable Side Pouch PFD is sold as a pair of pouches, including both the Left and Right units. Each unit contains 35lb buoyancy for a combined 70 lb buoyancy.

Using Hydrostatic Inflator Technology, each pouch will automatically inflate when submerged in 4 or more inches of water but not inadvertently due to rain, spray or humidity. The stabilization cap, patent pending, fits over the inflator to protect it and ensures its performance in some of the most demanding environments.

When fitted with the included manual conversion cap, the automatic hydrostatic function can be disabled, each pouch can still be inflated by pulling the beaded handle. An oral inflation tube provides backup inflation, or emergency in-field deflation.

(Mustang P/N: MD1250 13)

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