740-BR Osprey Low Profile Flotation Collar (LPFC) w/Retro


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The Osprey LPFC is an updated design of LSC’s patented collar in use with the US Army Air Warrior and US Coast Guard aviation ensembles. Unique to the LPFC is the use of the mini-buckle attachment system permitting easy installation of the collar to any of the Osprey Vests, and allows the flexibility to dress for land or over-water missions. The portion of the collar that lies across the shoulders is only ¼” thick, eliminating interference with helmets common with other collars. Collar can be quickly replaced if damaged or removed for inspection. Buckles have been revised to provide a secure, tight fit between the collar and vest, eliminating slack and unwanted collar movement, while ensuring optimal in-water flotation performance by keeping the inflated collar close & tight to the body. * FOR SALE TO MUNICIPAL OR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AGENCIES ONLY.