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780-SRTL Shock Reduction Tether, LG (SRTL)

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The Shock Reduction Tether (SRT) is LSC’s latest technology in restraint tethers. The SRT is designed to reduce or mitigate the forces experienced by personnel during a fall or other high acceleration event such as vehicular direction change (momentum), etc. Constructed for the marine environment utilizing MIL-SPEC webbing and stainless steel hardware for strength and corrosion resistance. At the core of the SRT is a patented, energy absorbing sacrificial strap that is folded and secured within a protective sleeve forming the shock reduction element. The strap is woven in a special manner such that the fibers will begin to separate and break once a force of approx. 700-800lbs. is experienced. It is the separation and breaking of the fibers that permits the tether system to dissipate and absorb the energy of the moving mass/body that is in free fall, etc. The shock-reducing element will expand in length, as the fibers are broken. The maximum extension will not exceed 18 inches (The extended length is in addition to the length of the tether). During the extension of the SRT, the force experienced by the personnel being restrained is limited to approx. 800 lbs. Once the SRT has reached max. extension no further energy will be absorbed by the element and the unit will serve as a standard nylon-webbing tether up to the rating breaking limit of 3300 lbs. The design of the tether is self-indicating and a warning label will be exposed if the system has been subjected to an over limit force of 800 lbs or greater.

Designed for the Boat Gunner Restraint System and Approved by the USCG Office of Boat Forces.

NSN: 4240-01-647-9170

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