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497-HXL (S) Overland Survivor Triton

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The TRITON Survivor - A Device for Ambulatory Survivors that is Fast, Safe, and Effective

The TRITON Survivor is a new product by LSC, based on the TRITON Harness, just modified for use on survivors. The same (TSO Approved) harness that keeps you safe, now keeps them safe during a rescue. A red back cover delineates a clear inside and outside to the harness that allows it to go on like a jacket. There are 5,000 lb rated handles on the back for securing and transferring the survivors from the hoist and into the airframe, and retro and other materials added for visibility.

Unlike AVED devices – which weigh more and cost more – Survivors ride upright in this device which reduces the effects of rotor wash and makes the ride more comfortable for everyone.  With two hoisting positions, from the waist or chest, you have options to use the device for the recovery of survivors, or the delivery of personnel to the scene depending on their level of training.

Change the game with the TRITON Survivor.

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