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17 Gram Cylinders for LSC Vests


Last month (Jul 2016), the USCG issued a message announcing the requirement to replace all CO2 cylinders in Lifesaving Systems (and Mustang) brand inflatable life vests.  The change in cylinders, from 33 gram to 17 gram, will provide adequate buoyancy following auto-inflation but the decrease in cylinder size will allow for egress should a vessel submerge or capsize.  The following information is meant to assist USCG units in their planning.

  • We are taking orders for the 17 gram cylinders (LSC Part #353) now.
  • We expect our first shipment of cylinders to be shipped from the factory to us within 6 weeks.
  • Sorry, but for now the 17 gram Mustang Re-Arm Kits (MA009) must be ordered directly from Mustang Survival.

Until the new cylinders arrive – units should maintain all life vests in accordance with current MPS.


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