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LSC Receives CASA Approval for Quick Strops

Lifesaving Systems Corp. is pleased to announce that our Quick Strops, #214-A and #214-SAP-A, have received the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) ATSO-C1003 approval.

Currently in use around the world, the quick strop has been used on countless rescues and is available to all rescue organizations. Constructed of MIL-SPEC webbing and stainless steel hardware, the strop provides a quick, safe means of hoisting uninjured personnel. Quick strops are best used in situations where time is critical and survivors are in immediate danger such as in floodwaters, surf, or on cliffs or other vertical structures. Rescue personnel can slide the strop over the head of the survivor and into place in a single quick motion, or feed the strop around the chest and secure back to the rescue hook. To prevent the survivor from slipping out, a friction buckle is slid down the strop and attached to an adjustable safety strap (crotch strap)  stowed in rear zipper pocket.

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Approved for US Coast Guard, Army, and by NAVAIR. Listed on AWR980 by the U.S. Army.

ATSO strops are available now as part #214-A or #214-SAP-A and will ship with a Form 1.

For more information call LSC at 813-645-2748 or email products @

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