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Product Demo: Tri-Sirius Strobe

In this video our Product Development Manager, Mario Vittone, explains the function and use of the Tri-Sirius Strobe.  Developed first for the U.S. Navy, this device allows helicopter and vessel crews to quickly identify their in-water rescuer from other strobe lights in mass-casualty response operations.

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643 Tri-Sirius Strobe

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Developed for rescue swimmers and other SAR personnel, the Tri-Sirius features a multi-position switch giving the user the choice of three operating modes:

  • Flashing White Strobe: The standard white emergency signal common to all Sirius Strobes.
  • Flashing Blue Strobe: Differentiates the swimmer from other marker lights in the area or lights worn by victims in the water.
  • Green Work Lamp: A constant burn, green work light, is directed forward and provides broad area illumination in front of the swimmer. The green hue is of low intensity to reduce adverse effects on the operator’s night vision.
  • High Visibility Orange Case.

Owners Manual

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  1. Just a question, on your LPU28 vest there is a long loop behind the neck at the top. What is that used for??? Thanks. Bob

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