US Army Helicopter Hoisting a Soldier

US Army AED Approves LSC Quick Strop

US Army Helicopter Hoisting a SoldierFollowing extensive evaluation by the U.S. Army’s Aviation Engineering Directorate (AED), LSC’s Quick Strop (Part #214) has been added to the Army’s Airworthiness Release (AWR) 980 and is now approved for use on U.S. Army UH/HH-60 platforms.


Currently in use with US Coast Guard and Navy, the Quick Strop is available to all military, municipal, and commercial rescue organizations. Constructed of MIL-SPEC webbing and stainless steel hardware, the strop provides a quick, safe means of hoisting uninjured personnel. Rescuers can slide the Strop over the head of the survivor and into place in a single quick motion. To prevent the survivor from slipping out, a friction buckle is slid down the Strop and attached to an adjustable safety strap (stowed in rear zipper pocket).LSC-214-sized

This latest release (R12) of AWR 980 makes the Quick Strop the 7th product approved for use by the AED including:

  1. #214 Rescue Strop (Quick Strop) NSN: 4240-01-545-6722
  2. #216-1 Rescue Strop  NSN: 1680-01-347-4946
  3. #415 Static Discharge Cable
  4. #420 Rescue Seat  NSN: 4240-01-465-2302
  5. #495 Rescue Basket  NSN: 1670-01-566-6578
  6. #495-L Rescue Basket
  7. #499-B Rescue Basket   NSN: 4240-01-250-0313

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