UPDATE: US Army AED Approves ALL LSC Medevac Litters

After recently adding our quick strops  and then soon after our Medevac II Liters to their list of approved devices, the Army’s AED  Aviation Engineering Directorate (AED), has evaluated our original Medevac litters and added the devices to Airworthiness Release (AWR) 980 as approved for use on U.S. Army UH/HH-60 platforms.

The Medevac litters, including the #402, the #402-TI and both rigid (#404) and break apart (#406) litters,  are among the most popular and reliable maritime rescue litters that are in use by all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and in military and civilian rescue operations worldwide.

This latest release (R14) brings the number of Lifesaving Systems products  approved under AWR to 13 .

Lifesaving Systems continues to work with the Army in the evaluation and improvement of lifesaving equipment for use by soldiers around the world.

  1. #214 Rescue Strop (Quick Strop) NSN: 4240-01-545-6722
  2. #216-1 Rescue Strop  NSN: 1680-01-347-4946
  3. #415 Static Discharge Cable
  4. #420 Rescue Seat  NSN: 4240-01-465-2302
  5. #495 Rescue Basket  NSN: 1670-01-566-6578
  6. #495-L Rescue Basket
  7. #499-B Rescue Basket   NSN: 4240-01-250-0313
  8. #402 Medevac Litter
  9. #402-TI Medevac LItter (in Titanium)
  10. #404 Medevac II Rigid Litter  NSN: 6530-01-338-6094
  11. #406 Medevac II Break-Apart Litter NSN: 6530-01-397-0094
  12. #190 Litter Hoist Sling   NSN: 1670-01-226-5300
  13. #193-A  Litter Hoisting Sling – Semi-Permanent

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