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Introducing the FML-7: The world’s brightest, longest-lasting, and only fully-repairable Floating Marker Light

You may have noticed that many floating marker lights for ships are either cheaply made or use older technology.  Many need special batteries, mounting brackets break or some small part will and there is no way to repair the light so you are forced to buy a new one.  So when we made the FML-7, we made it over twice as bright as the USCG/SOLAS standard, it flashes at least 25 times longer than the standard, and it is fully repairable …in the field.  Made from a rugged UV resistant ASA/Polycarbonate blend with a tough-as-nails Glass-filled nylon bracket and using standard off-the-shelf D-Cell batteries,  these lights will be there and be ready when you need them.

USCG / SOLAS / MED Approved

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Full specifications HERE.  Purchase the FML-7 (Part #650) HERE.

Throw Lines, Heaving Lines,  Ring Buoy Lines

Made from long lasting UV resistant materials, our rescue lines and heaving lines are professional grade and  designed for constant use in harsh environments.  Tugs will appreciate the soft heaving line ball – heavy enough to get the line over; soft enough not to cause any damage.  LSC water rescue gear is made by pros for the pros.  Used by the USCG, US Navy, and fleets like yours around the world.

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The Best Foul Weather Gear for Mariners – Raintec Rain Gear

LSC’s ultimate breathable rain gear.  This lightweight, heavy-duty, two piece rain suit is made with a high tech tri-laminate fabric. 
The fabric is waterproof and windproof, yet breathable allowing body moisture to escape as vapor for all day comfort. The inner membrane is protected by a durable, high tenacity nylon shell and a tricot mesh lining creating a comfortable rain suit with no loss in functionality. All seams are sealed with heat welded tape to further ensure waterproof integrity.

Long Range Strobes – Sirius LRS

Standard strobes are only visible for about 3 miles depending on weather conditions.  The open 360-degree lens diffuses the light too much to reach much further.  If in the water, you might see the mast lights of your ship, but they might not see you. Our new #640-LRS solves that problem. With its long-range function the SIRIUS LRS throws a 7-degree beam that can reach out to the horizon.  If you can see them, they can see you.  It is a safer – better strobe light for everyone at sea. 

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Specialty Marine Hardware

Sam’s greatest designs have often been the smallest ones; the salt-water proof buckles, adjusters, clips and other hardware that didn’t exist before he started making it. LSC uses stainless steel or titanium for all hardware applications to avoid or eliminate corrosion. The hardware is most often designed for use on our lifesaving equipment, but so much of Sam’s designs have proven so dependable that the military often specifies LSC hardware for other projects. We now ship more hardware to other equipment manufacturers than we use in making our own lifesaving gear.     

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