AQUA-SIRIUS Long Range Strobe Gains FAA Approval

Lifesaving Systems Corp is pleased to announce that our Aqua-Sirius long range strobe light (#641-LRS) has received FAA approval under TSO-C85B- Survivor Locator Lights.  This approval was sought so that we can use the device as the strobe light for our TRITON Harness as part of the FAA Approval for the vest.  Our efforts in gaining these approvals is a testament to our dedication to continuous innovation and our high standards for quality. The strobe light can easily attach to personal flotation devices, tactical vests, and helmets.  For more information about this approval and availability call of the 641-LRS, please call 813-645-2748 or email

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Typical SOLAS and USCG approved strobe lights are effective signaling devices but have a visible range of only a few miles.  The Aqua-Sirius LRS (Long Range Strobe) combines the same characteristics of our Sirius strobes (water activation and manual modes) with the long range signaling power of a focused beam strobe. The Aqua-Sirius LRS allows users to aim the focused strobe beam and reach out to targeted search assets, far out on the horizon and dramatically increase the probability of detection over greater distances than a standard strobe light.


  • Bright White Signal 60 Flashes a Minute for Over 18 Hours
  • Water Activation and Manual Modes
  • Flash with Reduced Brightness for 5 Days +
  • 7-Degree Spot Reflector for Long Range Signaling
  • Quarter-Turn Tail Cap Permits Easy and Rapid Battery Change
  • 10-Minute (LRS) Auto Revert Back to Signal Strobe
  • Tether Cord to Secure Light in Equipment Pocket
  • High Visibility Orange Case
  • U.S. Coast Guard SOLAS Approval: 161.112/109/0
  • TSOA letter C85b

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