FAA-2018-0243 and What it Means : UPDATED

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UPDATE (04/19/2018):  The FAA Released a Public Notice regarding this issue and operators can now apply for a LOA (Letter of Authorization) to use a SPRS (Supplemental Passenger Restraint System) for use with Doors Off or Door Open operation. UPDATE (09/24/2018) Our 219 Quad Lock  Aviation Crew Safety Belt  has been approved by the FAA [...]

Go Army! AED Approves LSC Hoist Hooks

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Following extensive evaluation by the U.S. Army's Aviation Engineering Directorate (AED), the most popular hoist hook in the world is now available for use on U.S. Army Helicopters.  The D-Lok Hook, the first hook designed to eliminate the possibility of dynamic rollout from the hoist hook, has seen action around the world and is now [...]

Product Demo: Aqua-Sirius Strobe

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The Aqua-Sirius is our water-activated strobe light.  This device can be used manually as well - at any time after it has been armed - with the simple cycle of the switch. Mario shows you how in this quick video. Aqua-Sirius Product Support [vimeo id="142801728" width="700" height="394" autoplay="no" api_params="" class=""][/vimeo]