Quality at LSC

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35 years ago, Lifesaving Systems Corp. set out to become the world’s premier supplier of helicopter and marine rescue and survival equipment. We’ve done it and we intend to continue providing the best possible rescue gear to the people who use it around the world.

How we got here and how we will continue is to focus (passionately) on quality.  We continually strive to do the following:

  • Improve our products and our processes for building them
  • Have exceptional on-time delivery
  • Adhere to statutory and regulatory requirements (though our own requirements always exceed them)
  • Understand and meet the aspirations of our customers and our employees
  • Develop our facilities and train of our personnel
  • Optimize resources and reduce waste
  • Constantly pursue the highest quality, value, and reliability in our products

Product Testing

All of our products are tested to determine the strength of their design.  Quality testing is routine here at LSC.  Return here to see our latest testing and evaluation videos as we create them.

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