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199 Quick Splice w/ Shackle, No Hoist Hook

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The wedge style Quick Splice is designed for in-flight replacement of the hoist hook should the cable become damaged, broken, or entangled. Allows crew members to cut the cable and secure a replacement hook in less than a minute to continue with the mission.  LSC designed the wedge style Quick Splice to prevent the large reduction in cable strength that occurs when using old style lace or wrap designs. This is caused by the sharp bend in the cable when laced on the plate.  A thumbscrew pre-loads the wedge against the cable. As the load increases, the internal forces securing the cable get tighter and tighter for a positive cable grip. Easy to follow instructions are etched on the face.  Constructed of anodized aluminum with stainless steel fasteners for strength and corrosion resistance.  Listed on AWR980 by the U.S. Army.
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