LSC nyutvikler D-LOK

  Lifesaving Systems har omformet dobbeltlåsfestet til heisekroken D-LOK basert på tilbakemeldinger fra kunder og problemer knyttet til dynamisk utrulling, samt den stadige utviklingen av metoden for helikopterredning og utstyr som brukes av våre kunder. For fullt ut å forstå årsakene til designendringen passer det seg med en oppsummering av produktutviklingen og helikopter-heisekroker generelt. Krokens …

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LSC Redesigns the D-LOK

(Les denne artikkelen på norsk) Lifesaving Systems has redesigned the double-locking gate for our D-LOK hoist hook in response to customer feedback and issues relating to dynamic rollout and the ever-changing tactics in helicopter rescue and and equipment utilized by our customers.  To fully understand the reasons behind the design change, a history of the …

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Packing Your Vest: Why Signalling Strobes Belong on the Outside

When LSC designed the Low Profile Flotation Collar (LPFC), it was in response to a real need for helicopter aviators: the need to look around. Where the collar crosses over the shoulders the collar is only 6mm thick when properly packed. This allows a flyer with a helmet to easily turn their head without making …

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FAA Releases SAFO on Dynamic Rollout and Hoist Hooks

The FAA has released SAFO (Safety Alert for Operators) #16015 which discusses the possibility of dynamic rollout with certain hoist hook types.While I’m very glad the FAA has released the report, it was a bit muted in its recommendations. It advises operators to: Develop procedures which list the specific D-Rings or equipment which may be …

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rescue swimmer brett fogle hangs from a helicopter hoist cable over the river in Elizabeth City North Carolina

When All Else Fails: Broken Cables, Lost Hooks, and Options

Though the mission had started out easy enough, three hours later it was the single worst moment of my life and by far my worst day in a helicopter. We were 240 miles offshore. It was pitch black, freezing cold, my best friend, Mike, was in the water and the hoist cable was – strand-by-strand …

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good and broken carabiner after testing at lifesaving systems

Carabiner Safety: The Gate Matters

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Dynamic Rollout: An Unnecessary Risk

I operated as a helicopter rescue swimmer for almost a decade before hearing the phrase “ring rollout.” When you consider that the hoist-hook installed on U.S. Coast Guard aircraft at the time was the Mil-Spec hook pictured above and the most dangerous hook available, my ignorance of the concept is sobering. Dynamic Rollout or Ring Rollout – …

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