17 Gram Cylinders for LSC Vests

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Last month (Jul 2016), the USCG issued a message announcing the requirement to replace all CO2 cylinders in Lifesaving Systems (and Mustang) brand inflatable life vests.  The change in cylinders, from 33 gram to 17 gram, will provide adequate buoyancy following auto-inflation but the decrease in cylinder size will allow for egress should a vessel submerge or capsize. [...]

Stowing the Crotch Strap on a Quick Strop

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Sounds easy; is easy; but to stow the strap correctly you have to understand the goals: Security and accessibility.  In this video Mario Vittone discusses how to stow the crotch strap on a quick strop. [vimeo id="150917042" width="600" height="350" autoplay="no" api_params="" class=""][/vimeo]     Our gear is the best - so are our [...]

LSC Launches Support Site

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You've been asking for it; we listened.  Last week we launched our product support website. Each week we add new products and new information to the site to help those who use our equipment around the world.  The support site contains specifications, suggested maintenance practices, user manuals, parts listings, videos, and other tools to help [...]