The Next Bright Idea – the SIRIUS-LRS Available Now

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I’ve always said that my favorite nighttime signalling device is one that isn’t  Coast Guard approved.  A good waterproof LED flashlight, with its focused beam, can reach out to any light you can see in the sky.  If you can see a boat on the horizon or helicopter searching a focused flash light will definitely [...]

FAA Releases SAFO on Dynamic Rollout and Hoist Hooks

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The FAA has released SAFO (Safety Alert for Operators) #16015 which discusses the possibility of dynamic rollout with certain hoist hook types.While I'm very glad the FAA has released the report, it was a bit muted in its recommendations. It advises operators to: Develop procedures which list the specific D-Rings or equipment which may be [...]

The Same Only Better – Changes to the Rescue Throw Line (#237-P)

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If you're in the Coast Guard and recently received our rescue throw line - Part # 237-P - you may have noticed it looks different than it used to. We promise; it's the same thing, only better.  In the last year alone we've shipped over fifteen-hundred 237-P Rescue Throw Lines around the world.  Always striving to make our products [...]

Bringing Reality Inside: Hoist Emergency Response Training

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Rescue crews train on everything.  Boat crews perform drills  on man-overboard, fire, flooding, loss of steering, you name it.  Helicopter crews drill on everything too.  In my time in helicopters I remember drilling on cabin fire and smoke, ditching and escape,  total power loss and auto-rotation, I even remember watching an instructor pilot pull back an [...]

When All Else Fails: Broken Cables, Lost Hooks, and Options

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Though the mission had started out easy enough, three hours later it was the single worst moment of my life and by far my worst day in a helicopter. We were 240 miles offshore. It was pitch black, freezing cold, my best friend, Mike, was in the water and the hoist cable was - strand-by-strand [...]

Carabiner Safety: The Gate Matters

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Sometimes small things matter.  In helicopter rescue work, small things always matter. LSC's Product Development Manager, Mario Vittone, explains why that thin wire gate on the equipment hook of your Tri-Sar can make the difference between success and failure.  But what is true of the Whichard Carabiner on a Tri-Sar is true of all carabiners; [...]