USCG MST throws line to vessel.

The Same Only Better – Changes to the Rescue Throw Line (#237-P)

If you’re in the Coast Guard and recently received our rescue throw line – Part # 237-P – you may have noticed it looks different than it used to. We promise; it’s the same thing, only better.  In the last year alone we’ve shipped over fifteen-hundred 237-P Rescue Throw Lines around the world.  Always striving to make our products better, we’ve listened to customer feedback and came up with improvements for the device.

The part number hasn’t changed, the price is the same, we just made your 237-P better.

The old 237 throw line

  • The sun fades the exposed line
  • The draw string closure is not optimal
  • Retro would improve visibility
  • Handle would be helpful

The NEW rescue throw line 237

  • Semi-rigid handle
  • Improved U.V. resistance
  • SOLAS reflective tape
  • Better closure system
  • Wider opening for easier stowage.


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