A very Good Year


Last year was good.  Lifesaving Systems has been at this for over 35 of them and in truth they’ve all been pretty good years, but in 2015 we made more products and shipped more gear to the rescuers who need it than we have in any of the six years prior.  We also shipped more product to international customers than we ever have.  And though it just got started, we’re pretty sure that 2016 is going to be even better.

There were a lot of changes around here lately and some people thought things might slow down for us, but they haven’t.  The changes have made things better. We’ve improved and grown our product line, we’ve updated our production and supply-chain management system, we’ve brought experts in manufacturing process and quality control onto the team.  We are also developing revolutionary new products which will make your jobs easier and the people you rescue safer.

Despite an ever-growing pool of competitive products, our customers have come to understand that an unrelenting quality position and passion for the mission of our customers puts LSC in a category all our own.  We make the best gear for the job.  That’s what rescuers deserve and that’s what we deliver.

We’d like to thank our customers for making 2015 one of our best.  We’ll keep working hard.  We’ll keep our standards high.  We’ll keep making what you need so you can keep doing what you do.  Thanks for last year.  Let’s do it again.

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