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404-FN Medevac II Rigid Litter, Stainless Steel with Narrow Flotation Kit

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The Medevac II series is the most widely used helicopter rescue litter. It is currently in use with civilian and military operators worldwide including all branches of the US Military, Japan Self Defense Force, Canada Department of National Defense, Royal Australian Army, and is standard equipment aboard all US Coast Guard helicopters and rescue boats. The Medevac II is a modern Stokes-type litter constructed for long life in the marine environment and is available in two models; the Medevac II rigid frame 404 or the Medevac IIA break-apart 406 frame.

The Medevac II series comes standard with a polished Type 304 Stainless Steel frame. The tubular components have been manufactured for greater durability and extended service life with a wall thickness 30% greater than other MIL-SPEC and commercial litters. Included with each litter are five (5) color-coded patient restraint straps and LSC’s exclusive double locking Quick Release Safety Buckles.

The Narrow Flotation Kit 103 reduces the width of a litter with installed flotation by 4″. The narrow profile is accomplished with half-width, “D” shaped flotation logs and a foam back pad. Other manufacturer’s litters will require testing prior to placement in the service. Components in the flotation kit are constructed from high quality synthetic materials, and are suitable for the marine environment. When properly installed, the added flotation kit provides positive self-righting and head-up flotation characteristics. The included retainer straps prevent fouling of the patient restraint straps during in-water rescues. Covers for flotation components are international orange, and are available in black by special order.

***The Department of the United States Army has approved this product per the Airworthiness Release (AWR) for Rescue Hoist Equipment on UH/HH-60 Helicopters (AWR 980).


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