Image of swimmer in TRITON made prior to TSO-C167

TRITON Rescue Harness Receives TSO C167 Approval from the FAA

Lifesaving Systems Corp. is pleased to announce that our TRITON Rescue Harness has received FAA Approval under TSO C167 – Personnel Carrying Device Systems (PCDS). This approval comes after significant independent laboratory testing and review by the FAA. As more and more sea rescue operations move to contracted services, the requests for regulatory approval likewise increased and LSC responded.


Only TRITONS manufactured after the approval date are allowed to carry the TSO C167 designation and we expect the first production run to be complete and shipping in September.

The TRITON - Now TSO C167 Approved
The TRITON Harness is the only PCDS specifically designed for aquatic rescue work.

For more information on the TRITON Harness or this approval, call 813-645-2748.

About the TRITON

The TRITON is LSC’s second generation helicopter hoistable rescue harness with dual recovery capability. It is standard equipment for the USCG Aviation Rescue Swimmers and Canadian SAR Techs. Building on the foundation and comfort of the TRI-SAR, the TRITON offers numerous enhancements. Several equipment pockets improve improved weight distribution and comfort. Quick release buckles on the leg straps allow for easier donning and doffing of the harness, and a chest strap allows for better fit adjustment.The available integrating low profile flotation vest provides variable buoyancy up to 35 lbs with reduced drag when in the water. (Note: The TRITON Vest holds no FAA Approval) The recovery hook is an LSC Talon II safety hook with swivel and locking gate. All components and materials are corrosion resistant stainless steel or Titanium for the marine environment.

1 thought on “TRITON Rescue Harness Receives TSO C167 Approval from the FAA”

  1. ASMCM (Ret) Darell Gelakoska

    LSC has been making the very best rescue and survival equipment for many years. When I was in the Coast Guard in the 90’s LSC was the only place I would go to get the best equipment in the world. Thank you Sam and your staff of dedicated employee’s for making a difference.

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