New Floating Marker Light – Approved and Shipping

LSC is proud to announce the next generation Floating Marker Light – the #650 FML-7.  This light provides a solution for mariners that incorporates modern electronics and performance with LSCs rugged design standards to create a device that will stand up to the harsh conditions of the maritime environment.  The FML-7 (Part # 650) is a problem-solving device that will provide years of ready service in emergencies.

Image of floating electric marker light (FML-7)

Rugged Design:

The mounting bracket for the FML-7 is made in American from  U/V Resistant glass-filled nylon.  Mounting holes have been placed to align with legacy brackets so there are no holes to drill or fill when you replace your floating marker light.  Supplied with stainless steel mounting hardware (and a spare in case you drop one), you can mount your might with confidence and it will last for years.

The case and lens of the light are also designed by LSC and made here in the U.S.  The units are smaller than previous designs but still large enough to provide enough reserve buoyancy to float properly regardless of variances in battery weight or different hardware attachment configurations.  The size also allows for the use of the commonly available D-cell batteries.

The FML-7 is USCG SOLAS Approved (161.110/30/0), is EC/US MRA Approved for use worldwide, and comes complete with a lanyard and corrosion-resistant clip that meets all USCG requirements for commercial vessels.

Also approved for use by USCG units under MPC D-C-13204.

Available through stock systems under NSN: 6230-01-262-1812






Superior Performance: 

The required brightness for the lights is 3 candela per flash in all directions. Our new light flashes at 7 candela while still being comfortable to view with the naked eye and are completely night vision goggle (NVG) compatible.  Powered by two Alkaline D-Cell batteries, the FML-7 will flash continually for at least 30 days. (That’s not a typo.  Throw it in the water and the thing will still be flashing over a month later.)

Completely Maintainability:

The FML-7 is made up of 7 replaceable parts.  If it ever should break or wear out, you can repair it in the field without having to replace the entire unit.  Years from now if you just need a new gasket or a battery case, support parts will be available for you to repair your light and press on.


Quality Manufacturing – Available Now:

The FML-7, designed and assembled in Apollo Beach, Florida Lifesaving Systems Corp., a Veteran-Owned business with forty years of survival equipment manufacturing experience.   The light contains 70% U.S. content and in made in the USA from domestic and imported parts and is Trade Agreement Acts compliant.

Available now online and by calling Lifesaving Systems Corp. 813-645-2748




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