About Mario Vittone

Mario is the General Manager of LSC. He retired from the U.S. Coast Guard after 22 years of military service. He was a Helicopter Rescue Swimmer on both H-60 and H-65 aircraft, was an instructor and course writer at AST A-School, and ended his career with four years in maritime accident investigation. His writing has appeared in Yachting Magazine, Soundings, Reader's Digest, and The Washington Post.

LSC Receives CASA Approval for Quick Strops

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Lifesaving Systems Corp. is pleased to announce that our Quick Strops, #214-A and #214-SAP-A, have received Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) ATSO-C1003 approval. Currently in use around the world, the quick strop has been used on countless rescues and is available to all rescue organizations. Constructed of MIL-SPEC webbing and stainless steel hardware, the [...]


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Mil-LOK Hoist hook NSN:  4030-01-605-5110 LSC Part # 412 MEETS MIL-DTL-23599A MEETS MIL-DTL-23599B Introduction The Lifesaving Systems Mil-LOK  hook  is an auto-locking hoist hook built and tested to Military Specification MEETS MIL-DTL-23599 and has been field proven by the French Navy and the United States Air Force Osprey Program since 2010. The Mil-LOK hook defaults [...]


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U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer training in cliff rescue operations using the LSC Quick Strop Some customers   have expressed concern, and even confusion,  over the term “uninjured”  in our owner’s manuals.  For example, “The Quick Strop shall be used to hoist uninjured persons only,” is stated in the Quick Strop manual  and one [...]

LSC nyutvikler D-LOK

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LSCs nyutviklede krokfeste vil gjøre den påviste D-LOK enda sikrere enn originalen etter hvert som heisemetoder og utstyr utvikler seg.   Lifesaving Systems har omformet dobbeltlåsfestet til heisekroken D-LOK basert på tilbakemeldinger fra kunder og problemer knyttet til dynamisk utrulling, samt den stadige utviklingen av metoden for helikopterredning og utstyr som brukes av [...]

LSC Redesigns the D-LOK

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(Les denne artikkelen på norsk) LSC's redesigned hook gate will make the proven D-LOK even safer than the original as hoisting tactics and equipment use evolves. Lifesaving Systems has redesigned the double-locking gate for our D-LOK hoist hook in response to customer feedback and issues relating to dynamic rollout and the ever-changing tactics [...]

FAA-2018-0243 and What it Means : UPDATED

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UPDATE (04/19/2018):  The FAA Released a Public Notice regarding this issue and operators can now apply for a LOA (Letter of Authorization) to use a SPRS (Supplemental Passenger Restraint System) for use with Doors Off or Door Open operation. UPDATE (09/24/2018) Our 219 Quad Lock  Aviation Crew Safety Belt  has been approved by the FAA [...]

The Next Bright Idea – the SIRIUS-LRS Available Now

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I’ve always said that my favorite nighttime signalling device is one that isn’t  Coast Guard approved.  A good waterproof LED flashlight, with its focused beam, can reach out to any light you can see in the sky.  If you can see a boat on the horizon or helicopter searching a focused flash light will definitely [...]

Packing Your Vest: Why Signalling Strobes Belong on the Outside

By |2017-06-12T09:52:13-05:00June 9th, 2017|News, Safety|

When LSC designed the Low Profile Flotation Collar (LPFC), it was in response to a real need for helicopter aviators: the need to look around. Where the collar crosses over the shoulders the collar is only 6mm thick when properly packed. This allows a flyer with a helmet to easily turn their head without making [...]

New (lower) Pricing for Sirius Strobes: Innovation = Efficiency at LSC

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LSC is happy to announce that after changes in our process and purchasing, we were able to reduce the pricing of our strobe lights by over 20%. For an updated price list of all our products email us at sales@lifesavingsystems.com - or login to the online store for your prices. Buy Sirius Strobes Online