The TRITON Quad-LOK Release Harness – FAA APPROVED

In November of last year, I made the guess that the FAA Approval of the TRITON with QLR would come in by early March of this year.  The FAA signed the letter on March 3rd.  Our TRITON II QLR  Harness system has received approval under TSO-C167 for human external cargo (HEC) operations.   The 490-VOT Vest which integrates with the TRITON II QLR is also approved by the FAA under TSO-C13G.

 What follows is a description of the entire harness/vest system, the world’s only harness with quick release and integrated flotation device to receive regulatory manufacturing approval.    


The TRITON II QLR System is made up of three components.  The harness, the Quad-LOK Release Tether (Together approved under TSO C-167), and the Flotation Vest (Approved under TSO-C13G).   The part numbers are listed below:


  • 490-HMQ – Medium TRITON II Harness for QLR
  • 490-HLQ   – Large TRITON II Harness for QLR
  • 490-HXQ – Extra-Large TRITON II Harness for QLR
  • 490-HXXQ – Double XL TRITON II Harness for QLR
  • 930-T1    –    Quad-LOK Release (QLR) with Double Lifting Ring
  • 490-VOT  – TRITON II Life Vest

The TRITON II QLR System is only available in MOLLE and a range of pockets are available for installation on the harness and the life vest.

QLR is Approved with TRITON II Harness

The Quad-LOK Release is approved only as integrated into the TRITON II Harness and will not be made available as a stand-alone device or for integration into existing harnesses.  Fortunately, the entire TRITON II QLR System is priced in such a way as to reduce cost of ownership over other harness – Quick Release systems.  There are no annual maintenance costs and the recommended five-year rebuild and factory inspection of the Quad-LOK Release is done at no charge to the customer. 

Future System Developments

LSC is currently expecting CASA Approval of our 219 Quad-Lock Aviation Crew Safety Belt and highly recommend the Aircrew who routinely deploy from the helicopter on the hoist use the 219 as their operating wander-lead.  

The 490 TRITON II QLR Harnesses are fitted with three 5,000 LB tested attachment loops on the waist belt; one in the rear and one on each side of the harness.  Also available are Titanium Linked Belt attachments where V-Rings or QLR Tumblers may be attached for integration of our 930-WL Wander Lead with QLR.  This device is also in process of CASA Approval.  


219 Quad-Lock Aviation Crew Safety Belt

Technical Information and Availability

For technical information or for pricing, lead-times, and availability, please contact Mario Vittone by writing Products @ or by calling Lifesaving Systems Corp. at +1-813-645-2748.  We can also be reached on Instagram @Resqgear.

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