Image of swimmer in TRITON made prior to TSO-C167

LSC Receives FAA Approval for TRITON Vest

Lifesaving Systems Corp is pleased to announce that our TRITON Vest – when integrated with an FAA Approved TRITON Harness (#497-T) –  has received FAA approval under TSO-C13G.  This finalizes an extensive two-plus year effort in achieving FAA approval for the most proven maritime helicopter rescue harness in the industry.  The TRITON, originally developed for the U.S. Coast Guard, has been utilized on over a million hoisting operations worldwide without failure.

The pleated bladder and innovative stowage design made the inflatable more compact and allowed for field repacking of the bladder after use.  Unlike any other vest on the market, the TRITON Vest is designed for exposure to salt-water and be rinsed and dried without extensive inspection requirements.  The integrated nylon cover allows for daily immersion and use of the device in harsh environments.  Until this approval, the harness and vest were only available to a limited number of military and state use operators.  This approval makes the TRITON the first and only fully-integrated harness/vest authorized by the FAA for Human External Cargo (HEC) operations.

Image of FAA Approved Triton Vest
TSO-C13G approved Vest with TSO-C167 Triton Harness

To gain this certification, LSC had to first acquire two other FAA certifications:  the harness (TSO-C167); and the LSC survivor locator light (TSO-C85B). This makes Lifesaving Systems the only manufacturer to fully control the production of the harness, vest, and survivor locator light used on the vest.

In accordance with FAA regulations, the certification applies to vest manufactured after the approval date (06/12/2019).  LSC will begin production in the coming weeks and will announce the availability timeline soon after.

The original TRITON Vest (497-VO and VOCG) will still be available for military units

Future plans for FAA certification include a passenger version of the TRITON Vest and approval for the Osprey vest by the end of the year.

For more information call LSC at 813-645-2748 or email products @


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